Ultimate Math Card trick - Great Self Working Card trick revealed

This mathematical, self working card trick is one of my favorite.

Although spectator cuts the cards and you divide them into piles several time, you are still having control and you are able to magically sort all cards out!

Very nice effect that is definitely worth your attention!


This trick is self working but requires quite long preparation

  1. Divide your cards by suit and then sort them by their value from Ace to King
  2. Select one of the Aces and bend its corner a little bit - this is not mandatory step but if you will not do it, you will not be able to locate the Ace easily and the effect will not be that strong
  3. Now have four piles, each for one suit, sorted by value. Place them together (alternating the color if you wish the result to be alternating)
  4. As part of preparation make three piles and put the cards together. Make sure that the pile you placed the last card is on the top

Step by Step

  1. Let the spectator to cut the cards freely
  2. Make three piles and place them together as shown it the video
  3. Now you can show the cards to spectator - there is no obvious setup
  4. Cards can be cut again
  5. For last time make three piles and put them together again
  6. Spectator can cut the cards again
  7. If you wish the effect to be really strong, make sure that you cut the Ace to bottom of the deck - you can use bended Ace for that purpose
  8. Make four columns and three rows
  9. After finishing first run, turn over the last card - it will be the Ace!
  10. Repeat till end of the deck
  11. Now you found all fours Aces - reveal that also other cards in piles are together!