Wild Card - Easy self working card trick for beginners

You for sure know that there are two very wild cards in each deck and those are the Jokers.

In todays trick we will discover how powerfull this cards really are! :)

Completely self working card trick with only little preparation = great card trick for beginners!

Don't worry that this trick involves spelling of "Joker" - I'm also from non English speaking country and the trick works the same.

Only thing you need is to spell a word that is having five latters or simply spell each latter of "Joker" in a way how it is written on a card.


Step by step

  1. Take the Joker and place it on last position face up in face down deck
  2. Take your four Aces and place it behind the Joker face down in face down deck.. so basically Joker will be the only card facing up on 5th possition from bottom
  3. Ask spectator to take a card and to keep it and remember it
  4. Start dealing cards on the table one by one and ask spectator to stop you anytime
  5. Once he stops you, ask him to place the card inside the deck face down so you can't see it and place rest of the packet you have in your hand on it - it means that you're placing your setup on top
  6. From here everything is done and rest is just presentation - spread the deck to reveal face up Joker
  7. Now take all cards below Joker and spell "Joker"
  8. Reveal that the last card spelled is card that was selected by spectator and also that four cards that were also spelled are Aces