Win money from your friends! | Easy card trick tutorial

There is never enough of easy card tricks, right?

And when you can win a bet with your friend... then its even better!

This trick is for real beginners and requires not preparation so don't waste anymore time and learn this great card trick right now!


Step by step

  1. Spectator can shuffle or cut the deck
  2. Ask him to choose and card and remember it
  3. Once he remembers the selection, start dribble the cards into your hand and ask spectator to stop you anytime he wants
  4. When he stops you, let him return the card back into the packet - while doing that, peek the card just above it and remember it
  5. Cards can be cut several times (also by spectator)
  6. Start placing cards face up on the table one by one
  7. When you'll see the card you peeked, it means that next card will be the one that spectator choose - turn this card as you would normally turn any other card but make sure that the card is visibly placed on the table so spectator can see it
  8. Continue placing cards on the table and the stop and any time
  9. Hold one card in your hand and tell to spectator that the next card you'll turn over will be card he selected
  10. Since spectator can see his card on the table, he will be convinced that the next card you have in your hand is not his card and that therefore that you will not turn over his selection
  11. In this moment he should be willing to place any bet with you
  12. At the end, place the card you have in your hand back into the packet and turn over his real selection that is on the table.. any you'll win!