X-ray vision - Easy card trick for beginners revealed

Did you ever wonder how is it to have X-ray vision?

If yes, then you are on right place because you will learn how to look thru playing cards.... or it will at least look like you have this super power in your hands (or eyes ☺).

I like this trick, its easy, impromptu, powerful and requires no almost sleight of hands - I'm sure you will enjoy it!


Step by step

  1. Let the spectator shuffle the cards
  2. When they are finished, take the deck to shuffle it as well but before start, secretly look for last card and remember it
  3. Control the card to the top. You can use a very simple method described in video below
  4. Let the spectator to create three piles. Look in which pile your controlled card is.
  5. You can say your story -  for example that you have ability to see thru the cards so you can tell which cards are on the top of each pile
  6. You know identity of one card and you will name it but not point on it. You will ponit on different card in different pile (so for example if your card is in left pile, you will point on the card in the right pile)
  7. Now you will take that card and look what card it is. You will not show the card to spectator, you will just point to 2nd pile and say the name of the card you have now in your hands
  8. Take second card and place it on the top of previous card you have in your hand
  9. Now the process repeats - you see what the second card is but you will not show it to spectator. Instead of that you will say name of the card, point to last pile (where your controlled card is) take it and place under two cards in your hands
  10. Everything is done now - you can just reveal the result and that you were right!