YouTube mind reading - I will read your mind!

This is interesting peace of mentalism.

There is just one simple rule that you need to keep, onthewise all decisions are entirely on you!

Just follow few simple steps described in the video and at the end I will be hopefully able to read your mind!

Step by step:

You will see five cards on your screen. Start on the Ace and then:

  1. move freely by four places
  2. then move by another three places
  3. afterwards move by any number of places and remember the number of places you moved by
  4. then move by another two places
  5. now move by same number of places as  you moved before in step 3.
  6. if you're boy, move by four places; if you're a girl move by two places
  7. Last step: move by two places to right

Now you are standing on one random card - will I be able to guess it correctly?