Card tricks by 52Kards

52Kards was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive free online learning resource for aspiring magicians.
Since then, 52Kards has taught sleight of hand technique and magic to thousands of students and our YouTube channel has become the premium educational platform for the next generation of magicians.

What card tricks you will learn?

Tricks you will learn are suitable for anybody from beginner to advanced magicians and sleight of hand masters.
So you will find here easy card tricks you can learn withing few moments and that you'll be able to perform pretty much after watching the video with tutorial.
Some of the card tricks might be on intermediate or advanced level - in that case make sure that you practice them long enough to be confident enough to perform them in front of real audience.
Variety of the tricks is really impressive - torn and restored cards, any card to any number, twisting cards, mental magic and much more!
Learn best card tricks for all skill levels easily thanks to professional, easy to understand video tutorials!

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