A Million Card Tricks

Hello everyone! I'm Nathan, and in this channel you will be able to learn card tricks of any skill level!

My interest in card magic didn't begin until 2015, and over the last year I have learned countless card tricks from various YouTube channels!

On this channel you'll find many tutorials that are focused on all skill levels - you can learn basic tricks for beginners that you'll be able to learn in just few minutes, a bit more difficult intermediate tricks that are using some card sleights that you'll need to practice and also advanced card tricks for experienced magicians that will require you to spend longer time with practice, learning the used sleights and in some cases you'll need to know how to manage your audience to misdirect their attention.

Apart from all of that you'll learn also the card techniques you can learn in any card trick - false shuffles and cuts, card controls and much more!

It doesn't matter if you aren't experienced at all, or if you are an expert magician! All that matters is I want to teach my knowledge to the world!

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Beginner Card Tricks by A Million Card Tricks

Intermediate Card Tricks by A Million Card Tricks

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Advanced card tricks by A Million Card Tricks

Card sleights by A Million Card Tricks

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