Channel is focused on bringing the foundations and principal techniques of card magic into one, whole course.

In this complex course you'll learn many card tricks on all skill levels - card tricks for beginners, intermediate and also advanced card tricks for experienced magicians - whether you're beginner or experienced magician, you'll find great inspiration for new tricks and routines.

Besides card tricks you'll learn also basic card sleights - card controls, card forces or false cuts and shuffles that you can use in practically all card routines.

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Easy card tricks by Hester23BearsCH

Intermediate card tricks by Hester23Bearsch

Collab with Card Mechanic! He came up with a really sweet card trick using a cull technique. Make sure to check out the...
Today I'm showing you a really cool "Million Dollar Card Trick". It does involve the elmsley count so you should learn...

Advanced card tricks by Hester23BearsCH

Card Slights & Technique by Hester23BearsCH

It is always very useful to know as many card controls as possible. In this video, Hester will teach you four practical...
Knowing how to false shuffle a deck of cards is very useful and you can use it in many card routines. Video below will...
Benzais Spin Out is card technique that will allow you to produce a card in a very effective way. It will for sure take...