Before you start prepare the prediction - you can write it on piece of paper and place it inside the envelope or if you have two duplicate cards, you can use them as well... so one prediction inside the envelope and same card placed under envelope - make sure you not flash this card to spectator! ;)

Step by step

  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck and divide it into several piles
  2. Take envelope together with hidden prediction card and ask spectator to select any pile
  3. Place envelope with prediction on top of selected pile
  4. Summarize what was done - spectator shuffled the deck, created the piles and selected one
  5. Reveal your prediction and place it near the selected pile
  6. Turn over top cards of other piles one by one revealing the top cards on piles that were cut by spectator
  7. Last step is to reveal that your prediction was correct - turn over top card of the pile that was selected by spectator and it will match with your prediction!