Step by step:

This trick is really easy and uses same principle as trick X-ray vision.

Its a great example of how same principle can be applied / presented to achieve different result!

  1. Ask spectator to shuffle the deck
  2. When he is ready, he will return the deck back to you - you need to peek the bottom card and remember it
  3. Spread the deck, make it a bit messy on the table but at same time remember position of bottom card
  4. Ask spectator to pick one card from a deck - if last card you peeked was for example 7♥, then ask him to take seven of hearts. When he takes out the card, he is not supposed to look at it, but give it to you
  5. Look what card he picked and ask him to take another card - this time you will name same card as spectator just gave you
  6. Once you have his 2nd card in your hands, look at it and tell the spectator that this time you will make a selection
  7. Name the 2nd card he gave you, reach into deck and pull out the card you peeked on the beginning (last card of the deck)
  8. Ask spectator if he remembers what cards he was supposed to find
  9. Once he names all cards, show him that cards you hold in your hands are perfect match!