Card sleights and technique

52Kards was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive free online learning resource for aspiring magicians.
Since then, 52Kards has taught sleight of hand technique and magic to thousands of students and our YouTube channel has become the premium educational platform for the next generation of magicians.
Knowing card sleights is essential for all magicians - thanks to them, you can create improve card tricks you already know or create your own magic tricks.

Sleight of hand tutorials

You will learn how to false shuffle the deck of cards, secretly control cards, several effective and fancy ways how to cut the deck, how to palm a card or how to secretly peek a card - and much more!
All tutorials are in high quality with focus on details and easy to follow teaching so anybody can understand how to perform the techniques step by step.
Some of the techniques are advanced and will require time for practice - make sure that you spend enough time with learning so that you're confident enough to perform in moves for your audience.
Learn best card sleights, techniques, card shuffles and card flourishes and become card master!

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