Channel is focused on bringing the foundations and principal techniques of card magic into one, whole course.

In this complex course you'll learn many card tricks on all skill levels - card tricks for beginners, intermediate and also advanced card tricks for experienced magicians - whether you're beginner or experienced magician, you'll find great inspiration for new tricks and routines.

Besides card tricks you'll learn also basic card sleights - card controls, card forces or false cuts and shuffles that you can use in practically all card routines.

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Easy card tricks by Hester23BearsCH

In video below you'll learn easy card trick for beginners. You can berform this card trick also without any setup as...

Intermediate card tricks by Hester23Bearsch

Collab with Card Mechanic! He came up with a really sweet card trick using a cull technique. Make sure to check out the...
Today I'm showing you a really cool "Million Dollar Card Trick". It does involve the elmsley count so you should learn...

Advanced card tricks by Hester23BearsCH

Card Slights & Technique by Hester23BearsCH

Alright guys, so today I'm showing you a really cool way to fix your double lift incase you mess up doing a triple...
Faro shuffle is great eye-catching way how to shuffle deck of cards. It as multiple uses in card magic so once you'll...