Magic Trick #1 by Mikael Montier

Magic Trick #1 is impressive magic trick and great mobile app.

For me, this is another example of how modern mobile app for magic should look like.

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Deck of cards is shown to spectator who selects one playing card of his liking.

Magician then takes his phone and scratch its screen to reveal that the card on the screen is identical to spectators selection.

Skill level

Very easy. All beginners must be able to do it. Only little training needed.


Tutorial is built inside the app and there is also link to video that provides very clear instruction how the trick works.


There is no need for anything to be set up.


Nicely designed and well thought magic app.

One little heads up: spectator is not having 100% free selection but there is also PRO version available on the store that allows 100% free selection and no forcing.

Android link
iOS link

Score: 90%