52Kards was founded in 2011 as a comprehensive free online learning resource for aspiring magicians.
Since then, 52Kards has taught sleight of hand technique and magic to thousands of students and our YouTube channel has become the premium educational platform for the next generation of magicians.
Asad is very patient magic teacher - all tutorials are focused on high quality and detailed explanation that provides true value to all students.
Learn amazing card tricks for all kinds of skill levels - whether you're starting beginner magician or skilled and experienced professional, you'll find here exciting tricks that you will for sure love and add to your magic repertoire.
You will also learn many card sleights that you can use for creating your own card tricks so you can amaze your audience with your own magic ideas.
Besides all that you can also watch various tips and tricks on how to improve your magic performance, how to become better magician or how to make income or living as magician.

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Card sleights & technique by 52Kards

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Vlogs & Other by 52Kards

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